In House & Remote Recording
BLUE RIDGE RECORDING offers complete in-house audio and on-location recording services.

Using the latest audio technology available, BLUE RIDGE RECORDING can professionally record and enhance your instrumental, vocal, speech, MIDI, karaoke, rock, country or classical projects.

Your entire project is mapped out step-by-step from start to finish. Great detail is given to every project and we guarantee superior audio quality at affordable hourly rates.

We can transport our computers, microphones and splitter snakes to the location of your choice: Auditoriums, band shells, nightclubs, and various other concert locations.

A splitter snake will allow the sound engineer to interact with the auditorium's PA system, or a band's audio monitoring console. By utilizing such tools, we can ensure the clearest on-location recording possible.

The remote digital recording is then Mixed and Mastered at the BLUE RIDGE RECORDING in-house studio location.

What can BLUE RIDGE RECORDING do for you?
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     Phone: 484-951-1420
     Easton, PA 18045


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