Cassette, CDR & CD Duplication Services
Itís a CD / MP3 World!

Once your project has been mixed and mastered, the duplication process is most critical. Now you must complete the process and "Catch the Ear of the Public".

You are now ready to sell the product to your audience and clients.

BLUE RIDGE RECORDING can help you put a CD together and duplicate your product in small to large quantities. You will be able to release your own CDís and reorder when you need to. No minimum quantities!
  • We do small to large quantities
  • True audio bit-by-bit CD-ROM Replication & CDR Duplication
  • DVD's are also available
  • Full color direct to CD printing
  • Standard CD Jewel Case & Tray and many other packaging options
  • Folders & Tray Cards (Set-up & typesetting fees apply)
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Bar Code
  • Professional, highly personalized service from start to finish
  • Only professional grade CD blank media is utilized
  • Graphic Design Services for a fee
  • RIAA Compliant
  • MP3 files are created with high-end audio cards and state-of-the-art software
What can BLUE RIDGE RECORDING do for you?


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